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We are Doctok

Doctok is a virtual precare platform improving  access to care and removing cost barriers for healthcare in our country.



Healthcare of today feels like it is stuck in a time warp

The United States has a healthcare expenditure of $3.6 trillion. But something seems amiss as this expenditure continues to grow and has failed to deliver on the promise of good accessible healthcare.


The Access Aberration

Access to quality primary care has dwindled between long wait for appointments or poor in-person clinic experiences. Today 4 in 10 adults delay or avoid getting primary care due to deficient access to doctors.

24 days

Waiting period for new patient appointment in 15 of the largest cities in the United States

34 minutes

The amount of time an average American spends on road to visit a PCP

The Cost Conundrum

Have you ever wondered why the free wellness exam is only annual and not monthly or weekly? It is because the healthcare system cannot afford to pay for such an uptick in utilization. Clearly traditional healthcare payment models are not sufficient. Patients are waiting. Consumer are overpaying and physicians are overworked.




Passion for a simple mission

Founded in 2020, the team at Doctok has served the American healthcare system for over 30 years. Healthcare is a fundamental right and for this very reason we set out on a mission to redefine how healthcare is delivered and paid for.

We started Doctok with a passion to enable affordable and accessible care to everyone.

All 50 States

We plan to go live in all 50 states across the country

Care platform

We are building products for both patient and the physicians


Precare leads the way to heal healthcare

We recognize that people lead busy lives and sometimes cannot spend time or money to see a doctor. Doctok created a no cost Precare platform with an intention to redefine the economics of care delivery. Patients no longer must shell out copay and coinsurance dollars for primary clinic visits. We envision free on-demand virtual consults to become the new normal where any individual (with or without insurance) can talk to a care provider in as little as 10 minutes and $0.

Doctok Promise


Remove Barriers

Using chat and video care we want to make care more accessible

Reduce the cost of care through services sponsored by paid content


Improve Productivity

Tools for physicians to be more productive during consults

Hands-free and smart clinical documentation


New Care Economics

Introducing new models of how we pay for healthcare

Better models of physician reimbursement


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